Running into an issue pinging from RedHat instance to a windows server instance. I have tried multiple things within the security settings with absolutely no luck. I can ping the RedHat instance from the Windows Server but I can not ping from the RedHat instance to the Windows instance.

  • Updated the Security Groups for both instances to allow all ICMP traffic on Ipv4 and 6.
  • Tried custom rule for ICMP to allow all traffic.

Looked at a few other questions on here also that are similar with no result. - AWS EC2 instance not responding to ping (Petr Mensik) - AWS EC2 instance cannot ping certain address (Petr Mensik)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Adding security group is enough to connect the instances.In security group did you allow the ICMP Protocol to be accessible from all subnets.

Security Group


Look at the Windows firewall, I've found it generally drops ICMP unless you configured it to accept ICMP / ping requests.

Following that, security groups and NACLs are the next most likely suspects.

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