i'd like to manage my own ssh keys and i want to distribute my ssh keys on all my instances is there a way that i can add it to the project metadata or i have to add the keys to every instance metadata separately.

Thank you!


On Linux and MacOS workstations, you can generate a custom SSH keys using the ssh-keygen tool and PuTTYgen tool on Windows.

You can either use project-wide public SSH keys to give users access to all of the Linux instances in a project or use instance-level keys to give users access to specific Linux instances, stored in metadata to access the instances.

Alternatively, you can also use OS Login to manage SSH access to Linux instances, but metadata-based SSH key configurations on those instances will be disabled.

Also read risks of manual key management and Managing SSH keys in metadata.

  • makes a lot of sense thank you! Nov 15 '19 at 17:55

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