I have looked over just about every article I can find on this. I am trying to get NPS/Radius Server to authenticate against the Azure Point to Site VPN.

The NPS/Radius Server is 1 of 3 VMS inside our Azure Subscription. The Server is a 2019 data center box running ADDS, DNS, NPS/RADIUS. With an IP of

Main Virtual Network Subnets:



SVR: (Where all of our cloud servers are running, with static IPS)

MerakiVMXSubnet: (This subnet is for VMX100 VPN Concentrator, traffic is flowing just fine on this subnet to our on-prem Meraki)


Note: The DNS on the Virtual Network is set to and which is the two AD, DNS servers in the SVR subnet.

Virtual Network Gateway

Address Pool:

Tunnel Type: IKEv2 and SSTP (SSL)

Radius (Enabled) ServerIP:

SharedSecret: Same on NPS and Azure

I hope I am missing something simple. I have also attached a screenshot of the radius server configuration. I have also confirmed that the account I am trying to access with is eligible to make the connection.

enter image description here

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