Having some trouble connecting clients from one office to the other.

  (             (
   Office ONE  <--- IPSec ---> Office TWO
  Road Warrior 1 (OpenVPN client)

I've added an extra P2:
VPN / IPsec / Tunnels / Edit Phase 2
tunnel ESP

And I've also added to OpenVPN custom Options:
VPN / OpenVPN / Servers / Edit
push "route";

But still Road Warrior 1 can only ping servers in the subnet.

Any idea what I'm missing or what I've done wrong? Both pfsense boxes.

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For anyone Googling here with the same issue.

1) You must configure IPSec P2 with the following (reverse for Office B)

Mode    Local Subnet   Remote Subnet
tunnel  (to connect office A to office B)
tunnel  (to connect OpenVPN from A to office B)
tunnel  (to connect OpenVPN from B to office A)

2) You must open firewall (Firewall -> IPSec -> Rules)

Protocol    Source          Port    Destination Port    Gateway
IPv4 *  *       *           *       *
IPv4 *  *       *           *       *

3) Restart the IPSec service!

I failed to do this and it cost me 1h trying to dig what was wrong.

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