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I'm using Windows 10 PC connect via Ethernet cable. I also connect my WiFi pine apple nano into my PC, and configure :

  • Ethernet sharing to share internet connection through : PineApple
  • PineApple, update IPv4 to use

WiFi Pineapple Portal

I was able to :

  • connect to the WiFi, and get an IP Address,
  • successfully load the bullentins board from Hak5.
  • successfully bradcast my Open SSID
  • successfully broadcast my Open SSID (LR wifi)
  • see the connected client in the Clients list, but I have no idea to see the traffic that the client visit.

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I was able to connect, get an IP, but can also browse.

How do I see the traffic of target device in WiFi Pineapple Portal ? Do I need to download other module like ethercap ?


You need an extra utility like Ettercap or wireshark.

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    In my opinion you are right, but an explanation (including some links maybe) for the unknowning would be a lot more helpful. – bjoster Jan 21 at 10:48

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