I have a 2 clusters nodes with 4 NVMe to cache for 6 SSDs, when a create the storage cluster it does not evenly distribuites equally the cache to drives. So I want to remove one NVMe, so it will distribute equally.

I set the disk usage to retired using Set-PhysicalDisk -UniqueId xxxx -Usage Retired but once the server is restarted, the disk backs as Journal.

I also tried to use the Reset-PhysicalDisk cmdlet after setting the usage but the results are the same.

If I need to destroy and recreate the pool, there is no problem, this is a test environment for now.


I found the Solution, I have to run:

$retired = Get-PhysicalDisk -Usage retired
Set-ClusterStorageSpacesDirectDisk -CanBeClaimed:$False -PhysicalDisk $retired[0]
Set-ClusterStorageSpacesDirectDisk -CanBeClaimed:$False -PhysicalDisk $retired[1]

Those commands tell to the pool that the specified disks can't be claimed by the pool.

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