I am facing the issue where GCP is suspending all the active libvirt guests frequently. Below are the logs from syslog.

google-clock-skew: INFO Synced system time with hardware clock. systemd[1]: Started Virtualization daemon. systemd[1]: Starting Suspend Active Libvirt Guests... snapd[1422]: daemon.go:611: gracefully waiting for running hooks snapd[1422]: daemon.go:613: done waiting for running hooks snapd[1422]: daemon stop requested to wait for socket activation systemd[1]: Started Suspend Active Libvirt Guests.

  • I believe that the error you want to bring attention to is 'systemd[1]: Starting Suspend Active Libvirt Guests...' "systemd is a system and session manager for Linux" the issue seems to be an OS issue which is related to Linux and therefore not managed by GCP. Could you indicate why you believe this to be a GCP issue? – Digil Nov 28 '19 at 17:30
  • I am seeing some of the GCP processes are running in the syslog before Suspending Active Libvirt Guests. GCP is trying to start them again using the startup-script if mentioned in the metadata file. As there is no metadata file, the VMs are not starting and we need to start them manually. – user550256 Dec 2 '19 at 4:26
  • Could you please be more specific? I am not sure how this is connected with GCP. Is your GCE VM not starting or Libvirt Guests services? – Digil Dec 2 '19 at 20:39
  • My VMs are going down,I am suspecting that google-shutdown-scripts.service is suspending the active libvirt guests as they are going down when this scripts are running. I am not sure though, just guessing. Any help would be appreciated here. Below are the services enabled. google-accounts-daemon.service enabled google-clock-skew-daemon.service enabled google-instance-setup.service enabled google-network-daemon.service enabled google-shutdown-scripts.service enabled google-startup-scripts.service enabled – user550256 Dec 3 '19 at 16:25
  • I have disabled google-shutdown-scripts.service. Still Same issue. Complete log is here.filepicker.io/api/file/qWpqp4q9SGS0NIpIyWaV Appreciate any help here. – user550256 Dec 4 '19 at 10:06

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