I would like to ask if it's possible to use an Android Phone as Hotspot and with the VPN enabled ?

My aim is to connect by WIFI a printer and in the other hand to have connectivity to an Azure VPN Endpoint to use a PrintServer solution into the cloud.

Do you thinks it's possible ?

Thanks in advance. Kind regards.


  • You mean a local printjob, of some meg or gig, will transit locally to the cloud, to come back to the printer ? Whats your goal to such use ? – yagmoth555 Nov 29 '19 at 13:52

Yes. I've done this with OpenVPN and would imagine it will work with any VPN.

Under the hood, Android is running Linux, and when hotspotting is acting as an AP + router. Android sees a VPN as a virtual Internet interface.

You will need to get your routes correct for everything to work of-course.

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