We're using Azure's provisioning feature with our Box account. We keep getting errors that the group we use to provision (called boxusers) already exists.

Without having to move a ton of data around, what's the best way to remediate this?

Failed to create Group 'BoxUsers' in Box; Error: Message: Box returned an error response with the HTTP status code 409. This response indicates that a user or a group already exisits with the same name. This can be avoided by identifying and removing the conflicting user from Box via the Box administrative user interface, or removing the current user from the scope of provisioning either by removing their assignment to the Box application in Azure Active Directory or adding a scoping filter to exclude the user. Web Response: {"type":"error","status":409,"code":"conflict","context_info":{"errors":[{"reason":"invalid_parameter","name":"group_tag_name","message":"Invalid value 'BoxUsers'. A resource with value 'BoxUsers' already exists"}]},"help_url":"http:\/\/developers.box.com\/docs\/#errors","message":"Resource with the same name already exists","request_id":"xpi3jxg9nej8ns3y"} Message: Message: The remote server returned an error: (409) Conflict. 
  • Can you provide a screenshot of the error – Sam Cogan Dec 5 '19 at 21:46

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