I am trying to restrict access to a website that is hosted locally on a Windows Server 2008, running IIS7.

I would like only users apart of the domain to be able to access the URL.

What is the best approach for this?

  1. Start IIS Manager (click Windows Start > type "inetmgr" > click Run command).
  2. In IIS Manager, expand SERVERNAME > Sites > click on a required website > double-click IP Address and Domain Restrictions (under IIS group).
  3. Click Add Allow Entry... (on the right pane) to add an IP address or IP address range which will be allowed to access the website. Click OK.

    Repeat this step to add other IP addresses to the list.

  4. Once allowed IP addresses have been added, click Edit Feature Settings... and select Deny for Access for unspecified clients. Click OK.

    Now, only users with the specified IP addresses are able to access the website.

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