I am attempting to setup a split-brain dns in my active directory domain. In a nutshell, two of my servers have both external and internal IP's. When a DNS query is performed for them, both the internal and external IP's are returned. I would like to only have the external IP returned when the client computer is on the external network. I believe I can do that via this tutorial. Once I apply the DnsServerQueryResolutionPolicy to my external scope, I am not able to resolve any DNS names for my domains when querying the external adapter. I have verified that the dns zone scopes are populated with the proper records.

Any and all help is appreciated or if there is a better strategy to accomplish this, that is great too.


I incorrectly configured the record causing the error. Instead of adding just the machine name to the record, I added the FQDN which in turn appended the rest of the domain name to the record. By only adding the machine name, it worked as desired.

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