I'm working with a distributed development team, managing projects through Azure DevOps. The parent company is in Germany and has all the servers based there.

When I use Azure DevOps, I changed my UI locale to English-US, but I'm still getting inconsistent translation of many UI items:

Inconsistent translation

This is a big impediment to our team because we don't understand German, so it's very hard to use Azure DevOps to collaborate.

Is there a way I can override these? Are these settings controlled by the Azure server (which we don't have access to)? I submitted a ticket to the Azure DevOps team, but I'd figure I'd ask here if anyone else ran into a similar situation or found a solution.

Edit: The company is using TFS.


This is the response I received from Microsoft about this issue:

Unfortunately, that's how TFS/Azure DevOps Server works.

  • The names of the work item types, as well as the field and state names, come from the process template.
  • Process templates only have a single language. It's the language in which TFS was installed.
  • So if you have a German TFS, it would give you a "Fehler" work item, instead of a "Bug" work item.
  • Other strings in the UI are available in multiple languages. When you change the preferred language for a user, you are changing it for the UI, but not for the process template (as it only has the one language).

There's no built-in way to change the language of a process template, but it's possible to rename all strings back. It's also a requirement if you ever want to move your TFS in the cloud service.

  • It is a pity, Anyway this response can be regarded as an answer. You can accept it.
    – Levi Lu-MSFT
    Dec 16 '19 at 9:37

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