Wondering whether anyone could advise as to the differences between these two products, from my understanding the difference is the latter allows control of more than 3 hosts. What I really wanted to know was, the (cool) features like chargeback and extended Application monitoring are they included in both versions or am I missing something....

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Foundation has all of the features of regular VC but is limited to 3 host, that's all.

Chargeback and AppSpeed are separate products that are chargable whichever VC version you have.


VMware vCenter Server Standard includes the following additional features:

  • VMware vCenter Orchestrator, an IT process automation engine that gives administrators the tools they need to better automate the environment.
  • VMware vCenter Server Linked Mode that enables a common inventory view across multiple instances of VMware vCenter Server.

vSphere 6.5 Update 1 supports up to 4 ESX Hosts in vCenter Server Foundation: see http://www.virten.net/2017/07/whats-inside-vmware-vsphere-6-5-update-1/


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    if that link goes away, so does the answer. Summarizing, in your own words, the content found in that blog post in your answer, would likely lead to an accepted answer. Jul 28, 2017 at 21:08

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