Short: How can I view a CSV performance log formatted with one counter per line?

Details: Some process I don't control provided me with a csv performance log that looks like this:

"12/19/2019 9:33:42 AM","\\machinename\process(idle)\% processor time","320.305965758299"
"12/19/2019 9:33:42 AM","\\machinename\process(system)\% processor time","0"
... (200k more lines) ...

I want to view it in Performance Monitor. However, when importing this file, PerfMon errors with Data source my.csv is either invalid or cannot be found. System message: The specified log file type has not been installed on this computer. Looking at a perfmon-generated CSV file, it's indeed formatted differently:

"(PDH-CSV 4.0) (Jerusalem Standard Time)(-120)","\\MACHINENAME\Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time","\\MACHINENAME\Processor(0)\% Processor Time","\\MACHINENAME\Processor(0)\% User Time"
"12/22/2019 14:17:05.650","9.1318630730461425316","20.441631188418075027","8.5798240875235407543"
"12/22/2019 14:17:07.641","2.1920360920926973414","5.8218188996271518221","4.7089090550186423201"

relog appears to expect the same format like perfmon.

How can I view my file in perfmon, or convert it to something viewable?

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