Okay, this is driving nuts:

I have a Dell XPS 8910SE that was originally running Windows 10 Pro 1809. The OS disk was using Intel Rapid Storage Technology for a RAID1 array, and an m.2 SATA SSD as a dedicated cache/acceleration disk. This setup was working

After running into an OS issue, I needed to start from scratch, breaking the RAID and deleting the OS disk partition before installing Windows 10 Pro 1909. After reinstalling IRST, I rebuilt the RAID1 Array, but I'm no longer getting the option to use the m.2 SATA SSD as a dedicated cache/acceleration disk, and I can't figure why.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Specs:
    • Computer: Dell XPS 8910SE
  • BIOS Settings:
    • Version: 1.1.10 (latest version on Dell support site)
    • SATA Operation: RAID On
    • Boot Mode: UEFI
    • Secure Boot Control: Enabled
    • Load Legacy OPROM: Disabled
  • IRST Version: (Lastest version on Dell support site)

The issue was related to changes in the version of the IRST software. Downgrading back to version 14 resolved my issue.

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