Whatever I google for I find tutorials how to setup an IKEv2 VPN server either UI client configuration for different OS.

Is it possible to test the connection with a client in a Linux console environment (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS)?

To connect, the following assets are available:

  • public ip address
  • username and password
  • private shared key (PSK)

So far I've tried vpnc but get an ambiguous error message:

$ vpnc <IP>
$ vpnc: response was invalid [1]:  (ISAKMP_N_INVALID_EXCHANGE_TYPE)(7)

We can't make a VPN connection with the little asset info you provided. You can also try strongswan to create ipsec vpn tunnel. To install strongswan in ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install strongswan

There are many ikev2 test setup configurations you can find here.

You can try rw-eap-mschapv2-id-rsa. See the carol configurations [Assuming the gateway is using pubkey authentication, you need to copy the gateway CA certificate into your /etc/ipsec.d/cacerts location].

After updating the config files you can run the following commands from the terminal to let the configs take effect:

$sudo ipsec rereadsecrets
$sudo ipsec reload
$sudo ipsec restart

To connect to newly created home vpn connection, run the below command:

$sudo ipsec up home

To see the status of connection, run the below command:

$sudo ipsec statusall

To disconnect the home vpn connection, run:

$sudo ipsec down home

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