I need to be able to gdb into guest OS run by qemu. My machine (Ubuntu) doesn't have any serial ports. Essentially what I need to do is to create a virtual serial port on my Ubuntu machine, create a serial device in my qemu instance, connect these two serial ports and then use gdb to get into my qemu instance. Here is how I run my qemu guest os, https://pastebin.com/4pnU5UVS. I know I can ssh into my qemu instance but for the work I'm doing I need to go through a serial port. I found a few articles online (QEMU and serial ports on the guest OS, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52187/virtual-serial-port-for-linux) that somewhat relate to what I'm doing but given that I'm not an expert at any of this I'm struggling to figure out how to adapt my findings to my specific case. I would appreciate any help with this.

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