map "$request_uri $http_referer $http_user_agent $http_cookie" $flag {
    default 0;
    # rules
    "~test" 1;
    "~1234" 1;
    # …
location ~ example {
    if (\$flag = 1) {
        access_log /var/log/nginx/flag.log;

Is there any way to know which of the map rules and what part of $request_uri $http_referer $http_user_agent $http_cookie matched?

I need this for debugging purposes. If the log gets flooded, it's hard to tell which of the map rules has an error and causes false positives.


You can use a named capture in a map. The defined variable can be used to form the map result or anywhere else in your configuration after the map has been evaluated.

For example:

map ... $flag {
    default         0;
    ~(?<mymap>test) 1;
    ~(?<mymap>1234) 1;
if ($flag) { ... }

The if block will evaluate the value of $flag and if the regular expression containing the named capture is reached, the value of $mymap will be set to test or 1234.

  • this is perfect, thank you! – aexl Jan 3 '20 at 16:22

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