I've searched a lot without finding a clear documentation. Following the instructions provided here https://www.bacula.org/9.4.x-manuals/en/main/Migration_Copy.html#SECTION003050000000000000000 it seem that to run a virtual full backup, bacula need at least 2 storage daemons... I have tried to set 2 pools with with the same storage daemon and the job stuck with this message:storage01-tarquini-sd JobId 127: JobId=127, Job RPROXY.2020-01-05_16.11.39_54 waiting to reserve a device. I have bacula dir and sd on the same machine that write on a local mounted NFS. Is it possible to run 2 sd on the same machine? Is it the right way to do it? Thank you!


Found more infos here: https://www.bacula.org/9.4.x-manuals/en/main/Migration_Copy.html#SECTION003001000000000000000 Virtual full is treated as migration/copy so is a sd to sd operation. Those types of operations need 2 storage daemons. I set a new SD in the bacula-dir.conf that point to the same local storage daemon but with another name. In this way i can have 2 storage devices one for the incremental pool and one for the next pool needed by the virtual full backup. Tested and working, however any suggestion is appreciated.

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