We are usually using ssh + keys to access our servers.

Recently I had to give a password to another person to enter into the login prompt in person at the client location, with monitor and keyboard and all. I wanted secure servers so I set all passwords to 50 random characters. Never actually tested that a normal person can enter them.

The problem is that shortly after you start entering the characters the password prompt resets. I'ts not that shortly, but its 50 characters...

Can I somehow get that timeout increased?

PS. I'm talking about this screen: enter image description here


This should be possible to set in /etc/login.defs with the value LOGIN_TIMEOUT.


       LOGIN_TIMEOUT (number)
           Max time in seconds for login.
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  • This was what I wanted. Thank you. – Hristo Kolev Jan 6 at 9:18
  • Your welcome. Good to know it worked. :) – hargut Jan 6 at 9:19

Change Login Grace Time . set 1 minutes or 5 mins as per your requirements

vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config
LoginGraceTime 1m 

if wants to disable login session during ssh login set

LoginGraceTime 0 

for more info - https://linux.die.net/man/5/sshd_config

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  • This is not about ssh. I'ts about the default login screen. Imagine you just installed a server and you have a keyboard and mouse and have to type in username and password. – Hristo Kolev Jan 6 at 7:56
  • you will type username and password in terminal. right ? grace time allow you more time to type username and password. – sanjayparmar Jan 6 at 8:33
  • 1
    Yes. Default terminal. Not ssh, not sudo prompt. Just a new installation and the screen that opens up. i.imgur.com/0Mpot50.png How do I change that grace time? – Hristo Kolev Jan 6 at 8:39
  • do you want increased time during installation ? if you have multiple servers, you can write ansible/chef to change in config. – sanjayparmar Jan 6 at 8:42
  • Just tell me how to do it after installation. I can do the rest. – Hristo Kolev Jan 6 at 8:46

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