I have just installed Squid proxy server on a CentOS 7 system and everything went smooth but the proxy loads only the Google sites like YouTube, Google Search, and so on...

when I visit another site it shows "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET" on my browser.

My squid.conf file is the basic one but I commented all the "http_access" lines and kept only "http_access allow all"

Also I commented "cache_dir" and added "cache deny all" because I want Squid to run as a proxy only without caching.

Also I have set "dns_v4_first on" and "dns_nameservers"

Please note that HTTP sites work fine but not HTTPS (except Google sites)

I dont know what is causing the issue but I know that only HTTP work especially that the browser resolves the HTTPS sites and it redirects from http:/ to https:// but then it shows "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET"

Note that I have Squid 3.5

Edit: The access.log file shows "TCP_MISS" on the non-working sites

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It seems that your ISP is blocking the Squid HTTPS CONNECT tunnel. See https://superuser.com/a/529061/936854

I found a solution for CentOS 7 but unfortunately you will have to leave Squid and use 3proxy because it uses alternatives of the CONNECT tunnel.

The solution is:

Step 1: Install the following (the most important step because Development Tools contains packages that helps in bypassing the ISP block)

yum -y update

yum -y install epel-release net-tools firewalld

yum -y groupinstall "Development Tools"

firewall-cmd --reload

Step 2: Install 3proxy server. You can use this installer for CentOS 7.

Step 3: Since your ISP allows only the Google traffic for proxies, then make sure to include the following in your 3proxy configuration file to use the Google DNS servers:

nscache 65536
  • Yes i noticed that its my isp blocking proxies especially after trying different proxy servers and they had the same problem.
    – gave
    Jan 7, 2020 at 9:48

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