I have a function app in azure which has many functions. And, I have a solution which has 6-7 azure function projects, now, I would like to deploy only one function to azure portal. While deploying only one function to azure portal, other functions are getting deleted. Please suggest some way to deploy only one function to portal instead of all the functions.

Function app in portal: Function1 Function2 Function3 Function4

Visual studio solution Project 1: Function1, Function2 Project 2: Function3 Project 3: Function4

There is change in Function3, when I deploy Function3, existing Function1, Function2 & Function3 are deleted.

Kindly suggest sole solution to deploy only Function3 without deleting Function1 & Function2 & Function4


You can’t really do what you want. You deploy the whole function project, so it’s going to overwrite what is there. To achieve what you want you’d need to split your functions into different projects, or always deploy all functions ( which shouldn’t really be an issue if you’ve not made any changes).

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