Some of my fields in my CSV file are showing up as ADPropertyValueCollection

Is there anyway to get all the values of the collection and store them into my CSV?


The code I used is

Get-ADUser -Filter * -Properties * | export-csv -path c:\temp\userexport.csv

Please don't do -properties * unless you really need every property, which you apparently don't. It takes much longer to execute if you're dragging down every property in a user.

You don't need the quotes between all of the properties in your Select statement. Also, you had a backtick in front of Name. The ::join in the sample didn't work for me either. This works:

Get-ADUser jeff.besos -Properties memberof | Select Name,DisplayName,SamAccountName, @{Name='MemberOf';Expression={$_.MemberOf -join ';'}}

Name           : jeff.bezos
DisplayName    :
SamAccountName : jeff.bezos
MemberOf       : CN=!IDAMAdmins,OU=Admin Groups,OU=Domain Groups,DC=mydomain,DC=com;CN=!ExchangeAdministrators,OU=Admin Groups,OU=Domain

These days I actually recommend exporting to JSON if you have multivalued attributes you're going to reprocess later. Obviously this works if you're querying multiple users as well.

Get-ADUser jeff.bezos -Properties memberof | Select Name,DisplayName,SamAccountName,memberof | convertto-json -depth 100 | out-file C:\myuser.json
    "Name":  "jeff.bezos",
    "DisplayName":  null,
    "SamAccountName":  "jeff.bezos",
    "memberof":  [
                    "CN=!IDAMAdmins,OU=Admin Groups,OU=Domain Groups,DC=mydomain,DC=com",
                    "CN=!ExchangeAdministrators,OU=Admin Groups,OU=Domain Groups,DC=mydomain,DC=com",

Then you import JSON from file into an object (it's a PSCustomObject) and process that. PSCustomObjects are handy for slicing and dicing.

$user = get-content C:\myuser.json | ConvertFrom-Json
$user |fl

Name           : jeff.bezos
DisplayName    :
SamAccountName : jeff.bezos
memberof       : {CN=!IDAMAdmins,OU=Admin Groups,OU=Domain Groups,DC=mydomain,DC=com,
                CN=!ExchangeAdministrators,OU=Admin Groups,OU=Domain Groups,DC=mydomain,DC=com}

One way would be to | it to a select, and specify each property name. For multi-valued properties, do this:

Get-ADUser -Properties * | `
 select SamAccountName,@{Name="ShowInAddressBook";Expression={$_.showInAddressBook -join ";"}} | `
 Export-Csv -Path C:\Temp\UserExport.csv
  • Is there a way to get every multi-valued property without explicitly expressing it – software is fun Jan 8 '20 at 19:44
  • Please Can you share the entire line of code that you suggested? – software is fun Jan 8 '20 at 19:51
  • Get-ADUser jeff.bezos -Properties * | Select `Name','DisplayName','SamAccountName', @{Name='MemberOf';Expression={[string]::join(";", ($_.MemberOf))}} | Export-Csv C:\temp\sample.csv I am still geting ADPropertyValueCollection for MemberOf – software is fun Jan 8 '20 at 19:59
  • @softwareisfun: Not sure why [string]::join was not working. Changed it to use the PowerShell join operator and it seems to work now. – Greg Askew Jan 16 '20 at 17:56

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