The API Gateway Kong decided to change the name of their Centos package.

For versions up to 1.1 its "kong-community-edition", after that the package name is just "kong".

kong-community-edition.noarch            1.0.2-1                bintray--kong-kong-rpm
kong-community-edition.noarch            1.0.3-1                bintray--kong-kong-rpm
kong-community-edition.noarch            1.1.0rc1-1             bintray--kong-kong-rpm
kong.noarch                              1.2.1-1                bintray--kong-kong-rpm
kong.noarch                              1.2.2-1                bintray--kong-kong-rpm
kong.x86_64                              1.3.0-1                bintray--kong-kong-rpm

Can I somehow tell YUM to upgrade the current installation of kong-community-edition 1.1 to the kong 1.3 package?

I've tried upgrading the currently installed version (1.1.0rc1-1)

yum upgrade kong-community-edition

but it reports that no upgrade is available.

I've also tried to upgrade specifically to the new version

yum upgrade kong-1.3.0-1

but that reports that Kong isn't installed.

I've also tried to use install to install the new version.

yum install kong-1.3.0-1

but that reports conflicts with the files that were created by kong-community-edition.

Is there any way I can tell yum that the version following kong-community-edition-1.1.0rc1-1 is actually kong-1.2.1-1 so I can use yum upgrade.

At the moment the only option I seem to have is to delete the kong-community-edition package and add the kong package fresh

yum remove kong-community-edition
yum install kong

but I was hoping to do an in place upgrade instead.


As a user of the packages it can't be done. The kong package needs to properly identify that it obsoletes the kong-community-edition package and that needs to be done by the package maintainer.

To work around: remove kong-community-edition, install kong

  • couldn't understand your question, can you add what you tried and not worked any errors? Are you looking for repo changes or just yum command?
    – asktyagi
    Commented Jan 9, 2020 at 16:17
  • @asktyagi I've expanded the question. I'm after yum commands because the repo belongs to someone else.
    – Gary
    Commented Jan 9, 2020 at 17:32

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If you get the kong rpm and run rpm -q --obsoletes kong-1.3.0.rhel7.amd64.rpm you will see that "kong-community-edition" is not present. Hence, yum install kong does not know to remove ""kong-community-edition". You'll have to do a remove and install.

If you look at the repo https://github.com/Kong/kong-build-tools.git you can see fpm is used to build the rpm in fpm-entrypoint.sh around line 38 and the invocation of fpm does not include --replaces which translates into obsoletes in rpm lingo.

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