Is it possible to add a second /etc/passwd + /etc/shadow + /etc/group combination like this to a linux system?


During authentication process PAM should use all of this files.

Background is a chrooted application that should add/delete main system users and groups via union rw-mounts. But if possible I don't want to merge this two worlds in the main passwd.

  • I think you may create a new pam entry and use "pam_listfile" module. I never use it – Dom Jan 10 at 9:17

Since the pam_unix uses NSS to access the passwd, shadow and group files, you can use an appropriate NSS module like libnss-extrausers and modify /etc/nsswitch.conf to contain:

passwd:         compat extrausers
group:          compat extrausers
shadow:         compat extrausers

The extrausers module allows you to use a second set of files located at the (hardcoded) location /var/lib/extrausers.

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