I am migrating our SQL Server (Web 2017) instance our of our Azure VM (Windows Server 2019) into Azure SQL. After this I obviously do not want to be paying for SQL Server on the VM any more.

The VM also acts as a web server so I would prefer not to have to set up a new VM to replace it. Removing SQL Server would be the ideal solution. Uninstalling isn't an issue; but I do not know how to tell Azure not to bill us for it any more!

I know that when you add SQL Server to an existing VM you need to register it with the SQL Server VM Resource Provider, so I presume it is just a case of de-registering it, but I haven't had any luck finding any documentation on the topic.


You can unregister the provider to stop paying for it, this is documented here

You effectively delete the SQL VM resource, which does not delete the actual VM.

  • I swear I googled the exact title of that post and only got results for registering SQL server! Thank you for doing better searching then me – Ben Jan 12 at 18:03

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