Sorry if this seems trivial, but I need to be sure:

Where does Laravel 6 store the view cache? On the cache server or in the storage folder?

Does it get stored in my redis if I set it as the cache server?


The view cache is always stored via the filesystem in storage/framework/views.

You can verify this by setting your cache to something like Redis, doing php artisan view:clear, and observing that folder after visiting a couple Blade views in the browser. Files will show up even when you're not using the file-based driver.

If you're on a multi-server load balanced setup, be aware this means you'll need to clear the view cache on each server independently. (Probably as part of your deployment process.)

  • Thanks Mate! How about if I create a fileserver with a shared storage folder, so the two or more webservers will have the exact same content in the storage folder? – Imre Bertalan Jan 16 at 8:14
  • @ImreBertalan I think that'd be adding needless complexity and a big single-point-of-failure. There's no real downside to the filesystem cache for views - it's going to be faster than any of the other cache drivers, and clearing it on deployment is easily automated. – ceejayoz Jan 16 at 13:55

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