I need an advice about the speed of VM backups done by SolusVM. We are running a few VMs in Australia with BinaryLane.com. They are running KVM (not SolusVM). The time to backup a 50GB full VM there is about 2-3 minutes and it doesn't put any noticeable load on the VM.

On the other hand we use SolusVM (Xen) in our own server on CentOS 7. It takes from 30-60 minutes (on SSD) to backup a VM of the same size and some load on the VM can be noticed.

SolusVM creates a new LVM for each Virtual machine and to backup it creates its snapshot, mounts it to a temporary directory and tars it.

I am trying to speed up the backups. Do you have any clues what can be done to speed up the backups that much?

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