We have Windows Server 2016 as a print server with roughly 8 printers of various makes (Ricoh, HP, Konica), most of which are deployed via GPO.

A few months ago the 'jobs in queue' started filling up after jobs are printed. We disable the 'Keep printed documents' option and clear the queues and they operate correctly until the workday is over. The next morning they all automatically re-enable the 'Keep printed documents' option on their own and the queues start filling up again.

I have searched any can not find much information or anyone else with the same problem, except for one article about a single stand-alone Brother printer, which needs to be set to 'RAW', but it doesn't apply here.

I removed all GPO's from the print server. I replaced all the drivers for all the printers.

I am at a loss on this.

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