I configured a new install of FreePBX in VirtualBox and exported to an OVA file to be imported in GCP. I can upload and kick off the import without issue however it fails each time with the following error:

[import-ovf]: 2020-01-14T15:47:09Z Error running workflow: step "translate" run error: step "translate-disk" run error: step "wait-for-translator" run error: WaitForInstancesSignal FailureMatch found for "inst-translator-import-ovf-translate-translate-disk-98rv6": "TranslateFailed: error: command: No '/dev/log' or 'logger' included for syslog logging"

I am not quite sure how to get around it. I've tried the Velostrata and Migrate RPM packages for CentOS (as that is what this distro is based on). Has anyone else run into this issue and know how to get around it?

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