I'm trying to connect two local networks together. 2 networks scenario

Network 1 ( is connected to 10GBe Internet via router with dhcp. I've added switch Netgear XS708T for more 10G ports (Clients 1 and 2).

Via this switch I've connected a wifi router with DHCP (network 2).

Network 2 ( is for wifi devices only (Client A, B etc.)

Question 1: Is it possible / How to configure XS708T to connect both networks so Client 1 or Client 2 would see Client A or any client from network 2?

Question 2: Do I need any other device to make it happen?

  • If you disable the DHCP server on the Wifi Access Point and connect it to network through a LAN port, you'll end up with only one easy to administer Usually those ports are bridged with the WiFi. – Piotr P. Karwasz Jan 15 at 22:30
  • I had this previously. But looking forward to creating config from my 2 networks scenario image. Do you reckon it's possible with my equipment? – Tom R Jan 15 at 22:54

First, you should disable NAT on you Wifi Access Point. I am not sure if this is possible with NetGear's stock firmware.

Second: clients 1 and 2 don't know the route to the network, so they send everything to their default gateway ( If you add a static route to on the modem, everything should work.

Remark: Clients A and B don't know the route to either, but their default gateway (the WiFi AP) does.


I'm pretty sure that the reason users inside Network 2 can see the Network 1, but not the other way around is because most SMB routers implement something called NAT (Network Address Translation). Long story made short: NAT is a technology that translates internal addresses - something like - to Internet valid ones, like, and vice-versa, and was a response to the Internet address shortage. One of its aspects is that it also acts like a firewall, so computers from the Network 1 cannot access directly the ones inside Network 2.

So you have two options to solve your problem:

  • Buy a piece of equipment that supports routing without NAT, like a MikroTik router or;
  • Instead of connecting the two networks using a router and the WAN port, why don't you create a single network, like, connecting a XS708T port to one of the wireless access point LAN ports, and disable DHCP in it?

Hope that helps.

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