I'm in a dead end now and need your help. I tried everything I could find on the web, but didn't succeed.

I have hundreds of non-admin domain users working on their Windows 10 laptops outside our network with no VPN connection to the domain.

I need to pass them a file so they can install a small piece of software.

In the old days, we scripted the function RunAs in AutoIt, compiled it (with the hard coded credentials inside) and shared the file with the outside users. They just needed to run it. Not a perfect solution, nor the safest, but it worked for emergencies.

But now those days are gone, with UAC and the need for elevation, even with logged-on admins.

is there any way to get the software installed by a non-admin user, not in contact with the DCs, with just running a local script or exe or even a msi?

Like passing admin credentials encrypted or compiled on a script, or even sign the exe or msi file on the domain so that Windows OS can trust it and accept the install even if not in contact with it?

I tried all the AutoIt forums' suggestions, tried the not-so-old schtasks workaround, RunAs alternatives, etc, but it all needs elevation even when run with admin credentials.

There must be a safe way to do this.



Try this with the companion program RunElevated.

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  • Thank Khidir, I'll give it a try.. – rui Jan 17 at 8:17
  • It works, @Khidir O. RunAsSpc.exe /program:"runelevated.exe" /executein:"c:\somefolder" /param:"C:\Windows\SysWOW64\msiexec /i myprogram.msi /qn /li myprogram.log" /user:"_administrator_name_" /password:"_password_in_here_" . You still get prompted by UAC, but you just need to say "Yes" and the software is only free for private use. – rui Feb 11 at 3:23

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