My tcsh shows up in a weird manner. Be it as a login shell or in terminal, now it always starts with just a cursor. I can type a text in terminal but that's all about what I can do. No prompt does show up, no binded keys work, no commands get executed, control sequences just got echoed. Basically I have a terminal in text edit mode. When the RETURN key is pressed, it just gets me a newline.

Any help regarding this issue?


Your prompt might have gotten wiped out. Try this command:

setenv PROMPT '%m%# '

If that shows you a new prompt, consider customizing it and placing that command in your .tcshrc file. Here's a reference http://www.nparikh.org/unix/prompt.php

  • I have a problem that does not exactly relate to prompt. I have shell in a non-working state. And I do not use .tcshrc anyway. I set prompt in csh.cshrc. I made a small change in a question, just in case. – Ярослав Машко Jan 19 at 16:38

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