I added a group called developers

sudo groupadd developers

then added myself to that group

$ sudo usermod -a -G developers nick.weavers

Then I issued the command groups to check I'd been added, but got this

$ groups
nick.weavers wheel

However, if I issued the groups command with the name of the user I wanted to check like this

$ groups nick.weavers
nick.weavers : nick.weavers wheel developers

I am show to be in the developers group, but am I? Why do the two commands show different results?


From the groups man page (CentOS 7):


Print  group  memberships  for each USERNAME or, if no USERNAME is specified,
for the current process (which may differ if the groups database has changed).

Adding yourself to a group does not affect the groups for processes already running, like your existing shell. This means you need to establish a new connection to see and use the permissions of the new group.

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