I am trying to add the DNS server of my child domain DC to a console on my local machine. The machine is parent domain joined and on a network connecting the parent and child DCs. I am logged in as an Enterprise Admin. When I add the server to my DNS console I get the error:

A security package specific error occurred.
Would you like to add it anyway?

There are trust relationships between the child and the parent domains so I don't see what the error is. I don't have anything in my event log on this problem. I also can't access the child domain with my Group Policy editor either. What does this error mean and how do I regain access?


This is what fixed this issue. On the child domains I went into the DNS server and clicked on Properties and under Interfaces and under Listen on I checked the box for the LAN address that shares the same network with my computer.

If I uncheck that box I get the Security package error.

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