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We're considering building a ~16TB storage server. At the moment, we're considering both ZFS and XFS as filesystem. What are the advantages, disadvantages? What do we have to look for? Is there a ...
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Linux on VMware - why use partitioning?

When installing Linux VMs in a virtualized environment (ESXi in my case), are there any compelling reasons to partition the disks (when using ext4) rather than just adding separate disks for each ...
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Which filesystem for large LVM of disks (8 TB)?

I have a Linux server with many 2 TB disks, all currently in a LVM resulting in about 10 TB of space. I use all this space on an ext4 partition, and currently have about 8,8 TB of data. Problem is, I ...
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LVM snapshots vs. file system snapshots

As far as I know, LVM makes it possible to take snapshots of a volume. There are also a number of file systems (ZFS, Btrfs, reiserfs, ...) which supports snapshots. However, I've never understood the ...
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What are the benefits of the Logical Volume Manager [closed]

What are the features and potential benefits of Logical Volume Manager beyond what is detailed on its Wikipedia page?
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SATA Disks that handle write caching properly?

It's pretty common to see advice to disable the write cache on individual disks used for databases because otherwise some disks will acknowledge writes that haven't yet made it to the disk surface. ...
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Monitoring XFS filesystem health in Linux

I recently experienced a filesystem meltdown. I had a server running for about 180 days non stop without any issues, but then I noticed weird stuff happen and apparently the ext3 filesystem was in ...
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Which filesystems offer snapshot functionality for users to recover data?

I'm working on a project that will teach linux to youth. Knowing they will have a tendency to delete or corrupt items in their home directories we are looking for a good snapshot option. We will not ...
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Battery Backed Write Cache

I recently got some U server price quotes and some of them include BBWC: What exactly does it do? Is it just for RAID configurations? If there is a power malfunction, isn't the data loss inevitable?...
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Using 4k drives with md/LVM/dm-crypt

I know that I have to align my 4k drives by a multiple of 8 sectors, but what about md-RAID / LVM / dm-crypt? How do I tell these layers that my drive is 4k? If they don't respect the 4k sector size, ...
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HP DL380p Gen8 (p420i controller) I/O oddity on XFS partitions

On DL380p gen8 servers using XFS on top of LVM on top of raid 1+0 with 6 disks, an identical workload results in a ten-fold increase in disk writes on RHEL 6 compared to RHEL 5, making applications ...
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Making SATA disk write cache safe

Supposedly (see, e.g., a question about it here), with NCQ enabled drives, the drive write cache is supposed to be safe, as in it doesn't lie to the OS about data being committed to the platters when ...
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Is KVM stable enough for production use in 2011?

We are planning to virtualize the existing infrastructure by an open source virtualization solution. KVM and Xen are on the final list. Big cloud players are still using Xen, and we found that KVM is ...
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Any way to recover ext4 filesystems from a deleted LVM logical volume?

The other day I had a proper brain fart moment while expanding a disk on a Linux guest under Vmware. I stretched the Vmware disk file to the desired size and then I did what I usually do on Linux ...
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increase disk size - use LVM or not?

A co-worker asked me why we should use LVM. With my limited LVM knowledge, I said because it allow you to easily resize/manage volumes! His idea is this: We use ESX, and have the ability to increase ...
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