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Data Loss after Server Reboot [duplicate]

I have server on 2 ssd disks connected by Raid 1 Today I got 500 internal error on opening website. I have requested server management to reboot the computer. After reboot to my surprise all my ...
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Should a backup server use RAID?

I was asked to set up a new backup server using Symantec Backup Exec that stores to hard disk instead of tape, because the backup size is outgrowing tape capacity. I was wondering does it really ...
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Do I still need a backup if I have a redudant storage system with rollback capabilities?

My organization recently bought a storage system. It has 1.5Petabyte, with RAID6, and there is an online synced mirror in a physical different location. The system allows rollback / file recovery, by ...
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Why is RAID 1+6 not a more common layout?

Why are the nested RAID levels 1+5 or 1+6 almost unheard of? The nested RAID levels Wikipedia article is currently missing their sections. I don't understand why they are not more common than RAID 1+0,...
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Raid 5 Hard disk corruption

I have got IBM x3650 M4 server. It is configured with Raid 5 & includes 4 SAS hard disk with capacity of 500 GB each. Now the 2 Hard disk are showing as bad. So by replacing the 2 hard drives ...
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How to recover raid? mount: can't read superblock

I had a raid5 array on /dev/md0 created with mdadm and it was working fine for about a year. It consisted of three HDDs of 1TB each. A few days ago there was a power failure and UPS failure. It was ...
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Why should we take a backup of Office 365?

What is the need to take a backup of the Office 365 account? Microsoft is quite famous and provides multiple unique features then why take a backup of Office 365 to PST?
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Does a RAID 1 really protect from HDD failure?

If using a RAID 1 and if there are any inconsistencies between both disks found, data is copied from the primary disk (most likely the one with the lower port number) to the secondary disk. 1) But ...'s user avatar
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RAID array Considerations - Any advice?

We just bought a Dell PowerEdge r510 (12 drive bays) that will fill the role of an archive server. We have 6 drives (1TB each) installed. The plan is to have all the drives in a single RAID array and ...
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ZFS: bringing a disk online in an unavailable pool

I have a home server using FreeBSD and ZFS that has worked well for the last 5 years, and on several occasions I have successfully replace faulty disks. However, today a minor disaster has happened, ...
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What is the best way to restore ubuntu on a new server with SSD hd and RAID?

I have a server, with a single hard disk (500GB Ubuntu OS 14.04), and I bought a new one having 1 SSD (250GB, which I thought I could use for the OS) and 2 normal SATA disk (2000GB, to use in RAID). ...
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HP ProLiant RAID configuration [closed]

I have a HP Proliant DL 380 G7 Server with a RAID 5 that has 2 failed disks. My Question is, can i reduce the array to 3 hard disks that are remaining to work with them alone? Can I do this without ...
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Which RAID/LVM configuration for new 2x8TB file server is safest?

I just built a totally new PC to be a fileserver. It has one 60gb SSD for OS (ubuntu 12.04), and 8 2tb data drives in it. I am looking for the safest, most stable way to set up a single giant ...
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Easy Offsite Backup [closed]

I've got a client that needs some form of daily offsite backup. He's got about 100GB of various files, including a 30GB SQL Server database that he really should be getting off of his own server and ...
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What a benefit of RAID 1,5,10 vs every night simple diff backup

Given: 2 HDD in RAID and case when we lose 1 of them after 3 years: If we use RAID 0, we lost data If we use RAID 1, we have a copy on possible also bad-health disk, any restore may cause failure ...
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