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Run antivirus software on linux DNS servers. Does it make sense?

During a recent audit we were requested to install antivirus software on our DNS servers that are running linux (bind9). The servers were not compromised during the penetration testing but this was ...
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Hardware Firewall Vs. Software Firewall (IP Tables, RHEL)

My hosting company says IPTables is useless and doesn't provide any protection. Is this a lie? TL;DR I have two, co-located servers. Yesterday my DC company contacted me to tell me that because I'm ...
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In Linux/Debian, did the passwords (/etc/passwd) ever been stored as plain text?

Someone is telling me so and I have some doubt but I can't find any information on the web.
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SEO Consultant Wants System Credentials

An SEO consultant has asked (demanded) credentials to the web environment so he can do ... Whatever it is that they do. I'm new to the company but an experienced Systems Engineer. I've just now been ...
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Ubuntu PCI-DSS Compliance Issue

I'm trying to get PCI compliant and the PCI scanning company is flagging our Ubuntu 12.04 PHP 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.9 for CVE-2013-1635. According to
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decrypting AES files in an apache module?

I have a client with a security policy compliance requirement to encrypt certain files on disk. The obvious way to do this is with Device-mapper and an AES crypto module However the current system ...
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Why would a PCI scan fail because of components that are not even installed?

Recently a PCI scan was run against a web server and the result was a failure. Some of the issues could be fixed, however others simply make no sense to me. The machine was a clean install, there are ...
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Using multiple passwords with Microsoft Active Directory user account

We have multiple local web applications using forms-based authentication against an Active Directory backend. Our new security policy requires that each user to have a different password for each web ...
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Need help choosing a router and/or wireless AP for a 15-40 person office? [closed]

I've been tasked with improving the wireless network at my office / co-working space. I'm not particularly experienced with business network infrastructure, but I'm more experienced than probably all ...
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Please clarify for me how tcpwrappers works

We've recently gone through a security audit and among several valid and other, quite pointless findings is one that states that tcpwrappers is not disabled. I've never used tcpwrappers so I don't ...
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Change the user name debian-sys-maint in Debian mariadb

The account "debian-sys-maint" in Debian mysql/mariadb is important to maintain the DB system function normally. It needs full administrative privileges, as some people has discussed in What ...
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Can I delete `mysql` os user which is created during mysql installation?

I have installed MySQL Community Server 5.7.28 on a CentOS 7. I have observed that there is an OS level user mysql created during installation. As per our security team, we can have only one ...
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What can root read that a regular user cannot?

A contractor is asking me to provide him with root access from day one. Skipping the obvious "no-no"... as he's arguing that in order to do a full review of the system and identifying SPOF/etc, he ...
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