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VMware ESXi shutdown triggered by APC UPS connected via USB

I am shipping a bunch of ESXi 5.1 servers to remote offices where they will be powered via APC UPS. I would like to have the UPS trigger a shutdown of the connected server - I would then rely on the ...
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ZFS Data Loss Scenarios

I'm looking toward building a largish ZFS Pool (150TB+), and I'd like to hear people experiences about data loss scenarios due to failed hardware, in particular, distinguishing between instances where ...
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Is there any value in protecting both rack power feeds with their own UPS?

I've done some looking and have not found a satisfactory answer to this question. When is it necessary or suggested to use an independent UPS (on it's own mains branch circuit) for each power feed to ...
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How to manage a global VM startup order across the whole datacenter?

Suppose you have a fully virtualized VMware infrastructure: ESXi, vCenter, vMotion, HA, DRS, the whole package. Inside, you have lots of VMs, which at any given time may reside on one host or another ...
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Is my Cisco switch port bad?

I've been chasing a packet-loss and network stability issue for a handful of end-users on an internal network for the past few days... These issues surfaced last week, however the location was struck ...
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Cisco RV110W: Use LAN port as WAN? [closed]

I have Cisco RV110W Wireless router. WAN port was burned after a storm. Can I use one of LAN ports as WAN? Looking under "Switch Settings" I can't find solution. In the Cisco documentation, I could ...
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Troubleshooting VMWare ESXi 5 Spontaneous Restarts

I moved my ESXi 5.0 server into a colo about 3 weeks back and ever since then, I've had issues with the server spontaneously powering down and coming back up. I previously had the server sitting at ...
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HP ILO 3 gives XML syntax errors with hponcfg utility

I have an HP ProLiant DL360 G7 server running VMWare ESX 4.1. The system board on the server was changed months ago following a lightning strike at the facility. The HP technician reprogrammed the ...
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HP DL380 G7 Will Not Power On

We have a similiar issue to a few other people on here, although nothing we have tried has led us to a solution. We have an HP Proliant DL380 G7 that will not power on (most of the time). Here's what ...
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Can PoE kill unmanaged switches?

Two simple unmanaged switches have died in the same cabinet in two years, one at 18 months and one just today at six months. Both times we gradually experienced increasing intermittent verified ...
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LSI MegaRaid - Image Drive from Failed RAID

I had a power failure and my LSI MegaRaid 3 disk SAS RAID 0 failed. My attempts to recover the RAID have also failed. I plan to rebuild the array and go with RAID 5 and add another SAS disk. ...
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Shocking ESD damage, what more can be done? [closed]

Today, over $6,000 in networking equipment was destroyed. Remarkably, the main circuit SPD, power strips and APCs are fine. Ethernet seems to be the method of surge transmission, as everything ...
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Remote Managerment Module: Electricity off, back on, but RMM did not reconnect to internet until ethernet cable physically removed/replugged. Why?

I use a Remote Management Module (RMM) (version 4) with my W2600CR2 motherboard for my powerhouse home-office workstation. I pay for (Gbit fiberoptic) internet service that includes two static IP ...