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network rack types [duplicate]

When I go shopping for network infrastructure, I see lots of different kinds of racks available and I don't understand the difference between them. What are the different types of racks you would ...
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I've inherited a rat's nest of cabling. What now?

You know, you see pictures like below and sort of chuckle until you actually have to deal with it. I have just inherited something that looks like the picture below. The culture of the organization ...
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Server won't physically fit in rack: which technical problems will I face in future if I force the mount?

I have to reuse old rack and servers. The server is 74 cm deep and the rack around 65 cm. With a few tricks I'd be able to mount everything I need if I leave back and front doors opened. I thought ...
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Server room wiring questions

I'm looking at rewiring our server room to be more presentable, organized, and easier to troubleshooting. Right now we currently have 4 HP racks (don't know the model right now). We do not have a ...
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Interconnecting options for server rack and network rack?

This is my first post on Stack Exchange after years of roaming around. I'm having difficulty deciding on a rack setup that meets our company's needs for scalability, management, and future proofing. ...
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Can a Sun rack be converted to a normal rack?

The Sun rack with PN 595-5953-01 does not use the normal rails like HP and IBM uses. Does there exist Sun rails so standard servers can be put in it? Or perhaps those L-shelves, where you lay the ...
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Modular Switch: swapping modules

This weekend I'm planning to (at long last) take a bunch of a equipment off of a hand-made (2x4s and plywood) bench and mount it all in a proper rack. One of the items to move is an HP 5406zl modular ...
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Generic rails and terminology when specifying rack rail types and dimensions?

Question From the research I've done, the rack rail market seems to be very brand-centric. It's really hard to be sure that the rails I buy will match the servers as well as the rack. I'm in a ...
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Zero-U PDU preferred mount location

Looking for some experience from the field - The rack I manage has two zero-U vertical PDU's supplied by the datacenter. They have fitted one on each side (one on the left, one on the right). The ...
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How to choose the right rack and UPS?

I have two configurations: 10 Dell PE R720 servers, 2 Dell EqualLogic PS6100S arrays, 4 Dell N3000 Switches, 1 N4000 switch 20 Dell PE R820, 1 Dell EqualLogic PS6100S arrays, 2 Dell N3000 Switches, 1 ...
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Can a 69,85 cm hp ssf proliant sit in a 800mm rack.

Hi can a hp proliant that is specified to be 69,85 cm in length fit into a 800mm closed rack. No air holes at the front of the rack. But there is a cooling unit attached to the rack. There will be a ...
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