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Why can't a domain's root be a CNAME? [duplicate]

I've just read this question which essentially says that when I set up DNS for, the root record can't be a CNAME, it has to be an A record. My question is, why? I'm sure the clever ...
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cpanel - I'd like to add CNAME for [duplicate]

I want to change an A record of my root domain to CNAME But the cpanel gives me the following error: already has a SOA record. You may not mix CNAME records with other ...
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Using a CNAME to forward traffic from a naked domain [duplicate]

I have a domain, I use a CNAME to forward to where my web site is hosted. This is the only way Amazon allows custom domain names. A records aren't ...
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Can a CNAME record not include www? [duplicate]

My registrar tell me that I can't have a CNAME record that doesn't start with www. Is it true? So I am using amazon ec2 with load balancing. the loadbalancer has a convoluted DNS name, and ...
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Link CName record to another domain, but without subdomain [duplicate]

Is it possible to link "" to "" using a CNAME record? My service provider app says a CNAME record must have a subdomain. And A record must link to an IP.
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CNAME interfering with MX record? [duplicate]

I have got a free domain at Freenom, which I use to host my website, and to receive email. About a month ago, I used an A record to point [Blank] and www to the A record of my webhosting. I also had ...
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How to point 2 CNAME records to same external address? [duplicate]

I am fairly new to DNS managing. I have been attempting for a while now to point both my root domain @ and www to my GitHub account page I have a CNAME pointing www to,...
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Why does CNAME for a root domain conflict with most other records? [duplicate]

As far as I understand, a CNAME record is served to retrieve only the A record of its destination. E.g.: CNAME Here the DNS resolver will search for the A record (IP ...
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How do I map root domain to external subdomain [duplicate]

I'm trying to map to I can do any sub domains of the original using a CNAME but the root domain ( ) needs an A record. This is currently set to ...
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A CNAME record can't be set up for the domain root [duplicate]

I recently bought a new domain from namecheap and decided to delegate it to Yandex.Connect services, so I changed namecheap's DNS to custom, added Yandex' nameservers ( and
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CNAME one domain to another [duplicate]

I have created a CNAME for to I would like to create a CNAME for to Or, do I not need to do that? Our former email domain rather than ...
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DNS registration, basedomain and CNAME records not wanting MX records broken [duplicate]

Good day, I currently have an existing domain for a large company. We are using a service to manage our DNS. We had an existing domain with many subdomains, with a legacy website. Recently we ...
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DNS only accepts www nothing else [duplicate]

My domain is with GoDaddy and im aware they have an issue with CNAME entries including @. IS there a way i can resolve this issue? What im trying to achieve is having the domain CNAME entries point ...
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DNS/Domain not working [duplicate]

I have domain, pointed to my VPS. I made VH in apache to serve simple index.htm file to check if everything works fine. Unfortunatelly something is wrong because page is not found( ...
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Forward the root domain to the www subdomain using DNS records

I have pointed at an Azure Website. --- CNAME --- When I visit, everything works fine. This is good. Problem is, ...
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