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Nginx - too many redirects [duplicate]

Sorry of the messy conf file. I have been trying everything, so it's become a mess. I want to enable SSL and redirect all traffic to https. Currently, with the below conf file, I can navigate to HTTP ...
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nginx: redirecting to SSL based on the original request URL (not $server_name) [duplicate]

I have an nginx config that is similar to this: server { server_name; listen; rewrite ^ https://$server_name$request_uri? permanent; } ...
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How to redirect all http traffic to https [duplicate]

I am using nginx and would like all http traffic to become https using nginx. can someone post an example for nginx config file? Here is mine. it's not working and i don't have a lot of nginx ...
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How to force or redirect to SSL in nginx?

I have a signup page on a subdomain like: It should only be accessible via HTTPS but I'm worried people might somehow stumble upon it via HTTP and get a 404. My html/...
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nginx redirect http to https not working [closed]

I am trying to reroute from http to https. For example you visit and you will be automatically redirected to I tryed using this one: server { listen 80;...
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Global Redirection of port 80 to 443

I'd like to setup my linux box so that anything hitting port 80 would simply be told ask that of 443. I want it to be regardless of domain, IP or whatever specific details may exist. If it can be ...
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Can't access AWS EC2 instance via public IP but can via SSH

I have an AWS EC2 Instance that can be accessed via SSH but will not load via its public IP. The page continually loads and then times out. I have checked the security group and the following is ...
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How to redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS for a Django 1.4 application running on an EC2 with nginx/uWSGI behind ELB with an SSL cert

I would like to know how to put my entire django site behind HTTPS. If anyone tries to come via HTTP I want that user to be redirected to HTTPS. Currently, firefox is giving me the error "Firefox has ...
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browser returns ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE if https:// is not included with TDL

When a device tries to reach '' they receive the following error 'ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE'. Connections only occur if '' is entered My Nginx file follows. I have tried ...
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Force redirect to https on specific port on nginx?

I have website on port 8080 and I want to force https on it. ex. If I type, it should redirect to How can I do this in nginx conf?
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Nginx & Https Redirection

I have an ssl certificate for Obviously if someone goes to https: //, they will get an error from the browser about a certificate mismatch. Is it possible to setup the ...
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http -> https redirection with websockets

I have a Node.js app which is heavily reliant on websockets. I want to redirect anyone trying to access it via http (80) to https (443). I would use nginx however it does not play well with websockets....
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How can I point my custom domain to a google cloud instance

So, I got a domain, I launched a google cloud instance and assigned an IP to it, say I launched my django server to listen on I try to connect by going on chrome ...
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How to serve same content to https and http with nginx?

Typically my nginx config looks like this: server { listen 80; server_name; <some long config> } server { listen 443; server_name; ...
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Nginx redirect nonWWW to WWW / SSL certbot

I have been trying to figure out for a while how to redirect the requests from the non-WWW domain to the WWW domain. This is the HTTPS.conf file: server { server_name *; ...
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