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Serving 10,000 simultaneous users over Wifi

I'm looking to offer a wifi service at a public event. The traffic will be very minimal, 10KBps should be adequate. Users don't necessarily need to connect to anything other than the private intranet. ...
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Can I use three APs to support 800 wifi users?

I'm setting up a wireless environment for 800 user purely for email and basic web surfing on a 20Mbps connection. I'm intending to use a Cicso E4200 or Asus RT-N66U router and 2 or 3 more APs. Will ...
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What to filter when providing very limited open WiFi to a small conference or meeting?

Executive Summary The basic question is: if you have a very limited bandwidth WiFi to provide Internet for a small meeting of only a day or two, how do you set the filters on the router to avoid one ...
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Are there any tests I can run on a network to simulate 100 heavy network users?

I will be hosting a Ruby on Rails workshop at a small hotel in the near future, and while they have 'Wifi' everywhere on the property, and the property normally hosts 150 - 300 people, I am not 100% ...
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How many wifi access points do I need for an event with 200 people?

I host an event that usually draws 200 people. It is held in a university lecture hall that holds about 260 people. How many/what kind of wifi access points/routers will I likely need to provide ...
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maximum amount of users on ORiNOCO® AP‐700 and AP‐4000 and Cisco 1200 and 1140?

I'm doing a study on how providers can increase usage of public hotspots, and found that they are using ORiNOCO® AP‐700,AP‐4000 ,Cisco 1200 and 1140 wifi access points. What is the maximum amount of ...
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What are economical ways to combat high amounts of users on access points that cannot handle it?

A few weeks ago my school district closed their public wifi doors and now just have their secure wifi for teachers and administrations only. The reason was that the access points could not handle all ...
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Wireless connectivity for small technical conference?

Can anyone offer any advice for setting up a wireless network for a small technical conference? (Perhaps ~ 100 attendees, for 1-3 days.) I've read the resources on this site. For instance, I've ...
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Social Media event Bandwidth requirements

I have an one day event in July 2012, hosting 250 attendees for a social media event. We will be uploading live video to a website, allowing the press to access the web, and some vendors will be ...
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Portable wifi set up with 100s of connections

I'm making a system that can connect all the smart phones in an audience to my server. It's for a fun open-source project that can create animations and interactive games. More info on my G+ https://...
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