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Determining Required LUN Level Uniqueness

I have primarily used NFS for most of my storage needs but I find my self setting up some iSCSI targets today and had what is likely a super basic question. When I create an export for an iSCSI target,...
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3PAR 7400 cli setup

Unfortunatelly we don't have a GUI so we use cli. How to allocate physical disk space to free space? I tried servicemag, admithw,admitpd cmd but freespace (showspace) is equal 0 3PAR01 cli% showsys ...
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Cross-Protocol share on 3PAR File Persona

We have 3PAR 8200's in each of our data centers. I don't play with them much, only when I have to. I'm trying to create a cross-protocol (NFS+SMB read/write) using the SSMC. While I've created the ...
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