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Use this tag for questions related to the flow of air (airflow is a critical aspect for maintaining the performance and reliability of equipment running inside of a modern datacenter as well as their overall energy efficiency)

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Which server specs to look for for a Scheduler in a data stack?

I'm in the process of building a data stack for a small company : the choice has been made to have a UNIX server running as a "Scheduler". The goal of this scheduler is just to extract data ...
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How should "CPU usage per node" be interpreted in Google Cloud monitoring?

In the monitoring tab for Composer (Airflow) on Google Cloud there is a graph showing "CPU usage per node". How should the values in this graph be interpreted? What value would indicate that ...
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How to decrease humidity level in a server room

We have a small server room and the humidity level inside the room is far from the ideal. We have been measuring it between 60% and 68% for 3 months. Ambient room humidity inside the building is about ...
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Does the power consumed by an air conditioner adds to the total heat generation in a server room?

I have to size up the air conditioning in my server room. I have calculated a total load of all the power consuming equipment in my server room, i.e. servers, networking devices, SAN, lighting, UPS, ...
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Dell Motherboard failures - condensation?

Since April 2018 I've had multiple motherboard failure on my Dell servers (at least 12). We've operated dell servers in this location for over 20 years without a problem. Since April however its been ...
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Server corrosion, air conditioning and climate control

We made the unfortunate discovery that our servers in our in-office server room are rusting away. This came to light after the first one had failed. One obvious candidate is the AC unit, that ...
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Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switches - Can I reverse the air flow?

I have some equipment that will be moved to a new datacenter soon. At the current datacenter, the switches are mounted in the back of the racks so the air flow for the switches is reverse in ...
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