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AUFS: How to create a read/write branch of only part of a directory tree?

AuFS (another union file system) allows us to merge two trees into one, even when those trees overlap. We can then direct writes to the merged tree towards one of the branches and reads to another. ...
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How to emulate union mount behaviour with LVM in CentOS?

In short, I want to create a system restore image. My idea with AUFS is like the image below Now, as I require this mount setup at boot-time, I don't think I can do it with fuse and will require AUFS ...
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AuFS read only branch as another read only branch

My goal is to use an AuFS read only branch as another read only branch: I've got a directory dir0, then I make : mount -t aufs -o br=dir2=rw:dir0=ro none dir1 This gives me - dir0 - dir1 #read ...
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Is it possible to disable copy on write for AUFS?

I would like to set up a union mount with aufs such that new files can be created on a writable branch, but existing files cannot be modified. Is it possible to disable copy on write so that if an ...
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Is it possible to speed up network filesystem by sth like unionfs, aufs?

I need to speed up slow, large storage with local SSD drive. I figured out I could do this with union filesystems. Here are results with nginx reading data from: local SSD alone: ~140 transactions/s. ...
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AUFS missing in Redhat Fedora, is there an alternative way of stacking directories?

I can't find Aufs in Redhat's Fedora, or any other stackable filesystem for that matter. It seems this is due to relabelling limitations of SELinux. Is there a way to achieve similar without ...
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Can one set up a write-through cache with aufs?

Say I have a system with two filesystems; one fast, small and unreliable (ie: ec2 ephemeral disk) and one slow, big and reliable (ie: ebs). Can I union mount the two filesystems so that the fast, ...
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tmpfs fills up, although hardly used. How can I debug this

I have a system with / on tmpfs. Most / subdirectories have aufs mounted overlaying the read-write root filesystem with read-only base filesystem (the system boots from a read-only medium). Earlier, I ...
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