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Unable to start a VM with a Shared Disk

We're running Hyper-V 2019 on a 2 node cluster. We have 2 VMs in the Failover Cluster which are clustered together to run a server. This service requires a shared disk. The shared disk is located in a ...
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Redifferencing multiple checkpoint-avhdx'es agains the root vhdx instead of an intermediate avhdx

I'm currently in this situation of differentiating avdhx-files where A1, A2, B and C represents the actual checkpoints I'm using. I would like to convert A1 and A2 into differentials directly against ...
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Hyperv-V creates mystery .avhdx files and fills up disk space

I have windows server 2016. Also i have Hyper-V role on my server. Every day in 5:36 i have error, that disk full and my virtual machine is stopping. In Hyper-V logs: ProviderName: Microsoft-...
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AVHDX internal format for use with TestDisk

I can't seem to find any info about this. What is a HyperV differential AVHDX file format internally like, for the purpose of forensic recovery? That is: Is it just straight blocks, like dd would ...
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Forcing HyperV to mount an AVHDX file it thinks is corrupt

I have an AVHDX file that is part of a broken snapshot chain. However, I'm fairly certain there will be useful contiguous data on the last AVHDX in the chain, if I can run forensic tools on it. I ...
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