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How do I list all existing open vpn certificates

I need to know how to view existing certificates in OpenVPN, the internal documentation passed me (written by a past employer) contains creating, removing, retrieving and revoking user, see below /etc/...
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openVPN lags with 2 (or more) clients

I am running a openVPN-Server for some time now, and it works great. On that server I created two new certificates via easy-rsa and formed it into two config-files for two new clients, like I always ...
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Mac can be arpinged but not pinged

Why does Mac OS X and Linux do not ping each other on a local Ethernet Network? Edit 2012-12-14 (ten days latter) adapter FireWire to Ethernet RJ45 might be the problem (on MacBook Pro Retina early ...
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Client notifications in a domain

We are interested in sending notifications to our user clients in a windows domain. So for example before restarting the file server (windows server 2016) we would like to inform (with a pop-up or so ...
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How can I set the Ethernet infrace classid through Powershell?

Hey guys I wonder if it's possible to set classid on Ethernet interface via Powershell? I tried that on server 2k12 R2 via ifconfig but I get no results.
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Best client server protection [closed]

I have around 80 laptops connected to Active Directory server.(Windows Server 2008 r2). Currently all the laptops have Avast free antivirus on them. Is there any way I can check for unprotected ...
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2 answers

Sharing folders and clients AD no take changes

I have the following problem. In my company I have installed a DNS server + AD in WS2008 R2. The problem I have is that by sharing a folder for a group when I add or remove users from the group, ...
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fedora dhcpd name server configuration

I'm having a hard time configuring a more modern release of a Fedora DHCP service to replace an older one and the problem is that clients aren't getting the appropriate DNS server information. I had ...
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Openvpn client, force DNS server

Our Linux Ubuntu configuration does have a DNS server (Bind 9). And resolv.conf has its nameserver When using openvpn client on that Linux, the nameserver is not changed (by the VPN ...
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Same static IP addresses to single static IP address communication [closed]

I have a server with 4 modules, and one Ethernet Port and an internal hub to assign these modules to, configured as below. Module 1: Module 2: Module 3: ...
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How to prevent obstruction of apache connection-slots

i have an apache 2.2 with ServerLimit 50 MaxClients 50 now when i run jmeter wth 50 threads and keep alive checked, all slots belong to jmeter. And i can't access the page with my ...
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2 answers

Backing up server and multiple clients

I'm running a Amahi server. It's basically a Fedora14 x64 installation. I'm looking for a good solution to backup my 200GB system drive on the server to an external USB/eSATA drive every night. I ...
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How do you hide domain clients from showing up in Network Browser?

How do you hide the domain clients from seeing one another in the Network Browser? I don't want to disable Network Discovery because I would like to be able to maintain them, access their ...
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Any Microsoft SQL Server 2008 licensing restrictions on usage? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can you help me with my software licensing question? Does Microsoft have any problems with HOW I USE SQL Server Standard Edition 2008? I plan on using it to aggregate my ...
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QoS - split bandwidth across all IPs during high load

We have a Linux-based router which is currently working fairly well, but our network only has a 1.5 mbps incoming connection. The network is small, but during high load periods some systems can end up ...
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FTP - 530 Sorry, the maximum number of clients…?

My problem is that my FTP work great, exept when i upload files on a particular client server! on this server happen that some files are uploaded fine and others not, they stop while uploading at ...
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deploying openvpn on windows clients

I am trying to use OpenVPN instead of PPTP for our VPN. In order to be able to do this, I need it to be "easy" to setup. Right now, I have to get people to rename the Tap-Win32 network interface to ...
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