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CommVault is a publicly traded data and information management software company headquartered in Oceanport, New Jersey which markets Simpana® backup software

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Commvault and AWS S3 performance

We're trying to upload 150TB into S3 using Commvault. However we're only able to upload about half a terrabyte a day with a 1.5Gbs dedicated line. We've also enabled the following recommendations: ...
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Azure Storage in Commvault

I'm busy investigating the Azure storage options for Commvault, and I noticed the article specifying that you need to configure Azure storage as Hot even though it's configured in Commvault as Archive....
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Backup throughput suddenly went down from 1TB per hour to 350GB per hour

Problem: Backup throughput suddenly went down from 1TB+ per hour to 350GB per hour in HPUX server for DB2 database. Backup using Commvault backup software to the media agent via 10G network. ...
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Commvault storage policy

Hi I set up a storage policy last month and every seven days it was meant to back up sql, sql transaction logs and 3 windows servers (full system state), they are located on a remote site. The first ...
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Simpana CommVault logs and Splunk

What is the best way to get CommVault log data into Splunk? I don't see a Splunk app developed for CommVault, and CommVault generates a lot of log data. It would be extremely beneficial to collect and ...
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What format does commvault restore to for SQL server backups?

I have a pretty challenging task that I need to figure out. I have 6TB of data in New Hampshire that I need to move to Texas. It is all SQL Server data. The data is backed up to tape via Commvault as ...
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Commvault, how to generate a report by time scheduled?

I'm using commvault at the moment to manage backups, but i need to creata a report of some kind that can show me the days of the week , and what server is backing up at that moment. A bit like this: ...
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Generate a report in commvault by time scheduled

How can someone generate a report in commvault that lists jobs by schedule timed? For instance, if I have jobs scheduled at 8:00pm every night, is there a way to show all jobs that happen between 8 ...
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Bacula & Multiple Tape Devices, and so on

Bacula won't make use of 2 tape devices simultaneously. (Search for #-#-# for the TL;DR) A little background, perhaps. In the process of trying to get a decent working backup solution (backing up >...
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