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HTCondor Software Suite provides an array of services for automating and managing batch workloads and computing resources.

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Where do I edit a MachineAd in HTCondor?

I've been researching this question all day and neither the HTCondor docs nor Google could help me: Where do I edit the MachineAd of a node in a HTCondor cluster? The /etc/condor folder on the node ...
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HTCondor high availability

I am currently trying to make the job queue and submission mechanism of a local, isolated HTCondor cluster highly available. The cluster consists of 2 master servers (previously 1) and several compute ...
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Windows service user account can't access the certificate store

Background I have a Windows 7 VM with two user accounts (condor_usr1 and condor_usr2) that is used for source code compiling. The condor_usr[1|2] accounts are members of the administrators group. I ...
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Hashicorp's Nomad as a HTCondor alternative?

I couldn't find any info on this short of spinning up a Nomad cluster and experimenting so maybe someone here may be able to help. Saying you want to run 100 iterations of a batch java job, each with ...
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systemd deletes sub-cgroups started by other services

I have a service (HTCondor batch system), which is started as service unit within cpu,cpuacct and memory cgroup slices (CentOS 7 @ 3.10.0-*). The service starts sub-processes (~~> batch jobs) for ...
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Installing condor on RHEL7

I am trying to install condor on RHEL7. I did this: cd /etc/yum.repos.d sudo wget sudo wget
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Condor Compute Cluster: quick information about Distributed Systems? [closed]

If you guys have never heard of the idea behind Condor Cluster: It's developed by the University of Wisconsin but used by many other universities since its birth. I was ...
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Outgrowing cron: what's the next scheduler? [closed]

We've been using cron for about as long as I can remember to handle all of our job scheduling needs. Everything from storage clones/snapshots to reports against databases to daily system reports to ...
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